Meaning of Dreams, Dream Dictionary and Dream InterpretationMeaning of Dreams, Dream Dictionary and Dream Interpretation

Welcome to Meaning of Dreams, our aim is to help you understand your dreams through the use of our dream dictionary and our many articles on dreaming and sleeping.

We encourage you to participate in the dreaming forums where you can discuss all types and dreams with other people. You can also use the forum to suggest new pages if you can't find an answer to what you're looking for on our website.

Many people come here to talk about their dreams because sometimes they leave you feeling confused or disturbed, so discussing them helps achieve peace of mind. In most cases people find that the underlying message in their nightmares is not as unsettling as they originally thought.

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Dream Interpretation

With a little knowledge and help, all of which is available here, you will find that figuring out what your dreams mean becomes second nature and a very useful tool for enabling you to find guidance in your life.

Our specialists have studied the works of Freud, Jung, Perls and Adler and continue to follow modern scientific research in the field of dreaming, undertaken by scientists like J. Allan Hobson, Robert McCarley, Calvin Hall, Robert van de Castle, David Foulkes, Mark Solms and Antti Revonsuo, as well as the latest research published by the International Association for the Study of Dreams.


These are some of the books and journals we reference to provide you with the information here on Meaning of Dreams.


Dreams and Destinies, by Beryl Beare

A Concise Guide to Dreams, by Philip Clucas and Douglas Clucas

The Dictionary of Dreams and Their Meanings, by Richard Craze

Dreaming: A Cognitive-Psychological Analysis, by David Foulkes

The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud

Dreams and What they Mean, by Judith Millidge

The Neuropsychology of Dreams: A Clinico-Anatomical Study, by Mark Solms

Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice: Skills, Strategies and Techniques, by John Sommers-Flanagan and Rita Sommers-Flanagan


Meaning of Dreams uses many articles from scientific journals to provide you with information on the more scientific and technical aspects of sleep and dreaming. Below is just a small sample of the journals we use. For a full list of journals and articles, please see our References page.)

American Journal of Psychiatry

Brain: A Journal of Neurology

British Medical Journal

Dreaming (Journal for the International Association of the Study of Dreams)

International Journal of Dream Research

Journal of the American Medical Association

Journal of Neuroscience

Journal of Sleep Research


New England Journal of Medicine